YRU Waterproofing Services Ltd. believes in perfection. No matter how small or big a job, our team is well trained to tackle it with grace. The services we offer fall under three domains, namely; exterior, interior, and emergency services.

Exterior Waterproofing

Protecting the exteriors is very important as it is the initial step for protecting the interiors too. Exterior waterproofing involves:

  • Working out on sewage systems, gutters, and downspouts that sweep contaminated water away from the home. 

  • Installation of waterproof membranes in order to seal off moisture accumulation which otherwise would lead to wall cracks, leakages, and formation of mold.
  • Installation of French drains or in simpler terms, an exterior drainage system. This process calls for a bit of mining around your home and installation of drain tiles in the hollow region. These drain tiles help save the basements from unwanted water and moisture.

Interior Waterproofing

Interior waterproofing stops water to enter in your basement. Interior waterproofing involves:

  • Sump pit installation under the basement and sump pumps. A sump pit accrues the water that makes the underground room exposed. The sump pump placed inside the sump pit drain the water away from a foundation. 
  • An interior drainage installation system, which engrosses an underground system of pipes and drains, is placed at the property. It accumulates excess moisture and water from around the foundation.
  • The plastic or foil sheets are stuffed into the basement walls to stop out dampness.